5 Super Simple Home Remedies on How to Clean Grout

how to clean grout

Grout is the important part of tiles cleaning but on the other hand, it is very frustrating. But you don’t need to be frustrated as I will share with you some effective tips and tricks on how to clean grout. Let’s get started.

Bleach Recipe for the Light Stains:

First of all, you should identify the type of stain whether it is light, dark or new. If the grout stain is very light, then you should follow the bleach recipe. For this, you are required to take the 1 mug of bleach solution and rub the tiles with it gently. Avoid rubbing it hard, because it will damage the grout. It is recommended to wear the goggles to keep your eyes safe from the bleach.

Deep Grout Stain:

In the case of a deep stain, replacement procedure is best. You need to take the tools from tile stores for removing the grout. While removing you should be careful about one thing that your tile remains scratch free. Strong bleach solution is also best for the cleaning of space between the tiles. On the other hand, it is important also before the application of new grout. Avoid putting bleach directly on the porcelain because it may create yellow or pink stains.

New Tile and Grout:

We all know that grout is so unpredictable and arises on the tiles instantly. In the case of New Tile, you have to follow the proper grout-cleaning regimen on the daily basis. It will not only keep the tiles neat and clean but also saves your time and money. For the best results, you can give a try to the grout sealer after every 10-14 days.

Vinegar + Ammonia:

Want to know the best procedure on how to clean grout? Then read this method properly. Initial cleaning grout is important before the deep cleaning methods. Follow your regular cleaning process of wiping down counters or sweeping and mopping floors. This will get all the top layer of scum off, and make your work a bit easier.

Cleaning Man:

If you are running shortage of time, then you should hire a person for the cleaning of grout. I’m sure that you will many persons who are ready to give you cleaning services. For instant cleaning you can give a try to the mixture of bleach and water. The procedure is very simple. First you have to wet the sweep or mop, then dip in the mixture of bleach and now its time to clean the floor with it.

Oxygen Bleach:

  1. Looking for the best homemade grout cleaner? Then Oxygen Bleach is the best approach. Let me elaborate this method properly. First of all, you need to wipe the tiles for the removing dirt and particles that are making the tiles dull. For this purpose, you can follow your washing regimen.
  2. Once you clean it now its time to make the solution with oxygen bleach. It will not only removes all the bacteria from the grout but also make it white. You need to mix oxygen bleach and warm water in equal quantity and then wait for 5-1 minutes, so the mixture dissolves properly.
  3. Now it’s time to apply the cleaner. Pour the bleach on white tile black grout. For the application purpose spray or brush is good. Wait for 20 minutes to get the effective results.
  4. When we talk about how to clean grout lines scrubbing plays an important role. When the expected time becomes over and bleach is also set then you should scrub at grout for the removal of dirt. Always use the small or medium brush because large one is not suitable for this purpose. Rub grout as much as you can but in a very gentle way. While scrubbing you are allowed to increase the quantity of bleach for better cleaning.
  5. So, now it’s time to manage the remaining liquid with the help of Mop. If you are not willing to buy a new mop from the market, then no issue because a parched towel is also best for this purpose. Wet the mop up or towel, it will suck all the water that remains on tiles after scrubbing. It works like the best tile grout cleaner.
  6. It is important to wash your grout on weekly or monthly basis. In the case of repeating the process you should apply bleach to grout and scrub it properly. For tough stains on the grout, leave the bleach intended for one hour. The longer bleach will be leftover on it, the easier you will brush the stain.

Cranberry Juice or Orange Fluid:

I’m sure that the above procedure clears the answer of the question on how to clean white grout properly. Let me tell you the method of maintaining the grout. For the maintenance of grout cranberry or orange fluid is perfect. You just need to put these juices on the grout for 1-2 hours. This procedure is also helpful for removing the new stain. It is important to clean the spilled item from the floor asap. Try to wipe with the wet rag, one the trace doesn’t remove from it properly. According to me it is the best procedure on how to clean stained grout. After 2 or 3 repeated procedures if the stain is the tiles, then consider the option of bleaching agent. Let it be on the tiles for some minute and then clean it with a cloth.

Dry Spills:

How do you clean grout? Dry spills are also the best option on how to get the grout clean. Try to clean the dirt and coffee grounds stains as soon as possible.

Grout Replacement:

Replacement of grout is the effective procedure on how to clean grout. With the passage of time older grout becomes cracked, crumble, and gets worse because moisture go underneath in it. Replacement your grout is very required on how to get grout clean.

So, these are some my favorite methods on how to clean grout which totally change the approach of floor cleaning.